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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday: The Overnighter

Happy TGI-Friday, BB addicts!!! :D Today is Veto Comp and it'll be the most important veto comp of the season. This will determine if Frankie goes to jury this week or not. In case this is your first time on the blog in a few days, Caleb (HOH) nominated Frankie/Victoria for eviction. Frankie was shocked to be put up and last night he went on a couple of rants about it. He was surprised that Caleb didn't tell him beforehand. He was totally blindsided by it. He tried guilt tripping Caleb into feeling sorry because Frankie's "been loyal" to him, but Caleb was quick to point out that weeks ago, he (Frankie) wanted 4 of them up on the block. lol Frankie's excuse? He "felt alone" in the game and it was a mistake.

Okie dokie, let's just dive right on into the Overnighter, shall we?

9:19pm BBT:
Pool Table
Frankie and Caleb were shooting a game of pool when Frankie started in on Caleb about not being loyal to him, not talking to him before the nomination ceremony, etc. Caleb said one of the reasons Frankie is up, is because him/Cody/Derrick didn't want Frankie to win veto (and not be on the block) and possibly save Victoria, meaning that either Derrick/Cody would have to go up and out. Frankie said he would have done that and thought maybe he was on the block because he's a comp beast. (He's won 9.) Caleb said Cody was just on the block, and Derrick couldn't play for HOH 2 times in a row, so he felt it was fair to put up Frankie.

Caleb: "I trust you and Derrick the most in this game."
Frankie: "Well obviously not, I'm on the block."

This goes on for awhile and it goes in circles, but that's the gist of this convo. Cody then Derrick come out for this convo and join in.

11:03pm BBT:
Dining Room
Frankie is complaining about being on the block some more. He tells Cody/Derrick that Caleb's priorities is not loyalty, it's the money. (*No sh*t, Sherlock. It's BB! lol)

11:27pm BBT:
Living Room
During the juror-wrecking-the-house luxury comp yesterday, Victoria's necklace was accidentally broken. Derrick fixed it as best as he could. There's 1 link missing in her necklace that they can't find, Caleb thinks maybe it was vacuumed up when they cleaned up last night.

11:30pm BBT:
Cody/Caleb do more funny judychop goofing around. A fun flashback to watch. :)

11:39pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom
(*Omg, this is the most creepy screenshot ever. lol Yikes!)

Tired of complaining to others about Caleb, Frankie decides to complain to us live feedsters. He's shocked his on the block, he feels betrayed, Caleb is more focused on the money than loyalty, yada yada yada.

12:16am BBT:

Victoria and Derrick were studying for tonight's veto comp (Morph o Matic again). They're going over which HG's have brown eyes, blue eyes, using process of elimation, etc.

Victoria: "Would you take me or Cody to Final 2?"
Derrick: "I'd take you, if I'm being honest."

Derrick goes on to say that he doesn't think they'll both make it that far together, though.

**And that's it for the Overnighter. Frankie did more complaining to Caleb around 1am BBT about how he wish he would've known he was going on the block before noms, Caleb said he put him up "to be fair", Frankie claims he's not mad, Caleb lied and said they're not coming after him this week. Frankie's paranoia this week is through the flippin' roof! He said it's not because he's on the block, it's because Caleb didn't warn him beforehand that he was going up "as a pawn". Around 1:30am BBT, Caleb told Victoria about the Bomb Squad and how it pretty much ended back when Devin was HOH and put up Zach.

Also, the houseguests (even Victoria!) spent a lot of time studying the memory wall for the upcoming Morph o Matic veto comp. I'll be back later on tonight when the veto comp starts. I'm gonna be a nervous wreck over here waiting to see who won just like y'all will be, too! Can't wait!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Diego Tamayo said...

Please don't let Frankie win the veto. I'm hoping for Victoria just to see who Caleb would be forced to put up as the renom

NerdfighterDeb said...

Omg I'm so nervous for the veto. Frankie did so great the first time around. Hopefully the others can do better this time and beat him.

Kern's Kreations said...

Literally the first time all season that my stomach is actually in knots! I want so badly for a "big" move to happen. And to have it be Frankie as the victim of said move would just be icing on the cake. Agh!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that even after being in the house this long Caleb still has no clue how to play this game other than winning comps. And even that is basically only the physical ones. There's a difference between being honest and having diarrhea of the mouth. The dude is like a teenage girl with a juicy piece of gossip with every bit of info he has. He simply can't help himself but to tell people everything no matter the repercussions to his and the HGs he's working with games.


kayla neal said...

I hope Frankie wins... said no one ever.

Steve Robbins said...

Jamie, I want your next post to show a picture of Frankie with a gigantic frown on his silly little face.

Jessy Mulligan said...

I hope Frankie wins maybe no one likes him he deserves it more then.. Cody.. Cody and Caleb have basically sailed through this season along side Victoria.. While Derrick is playing master mind and Frankie is literally playing for his life almost every other week.. They are the only two that deserve to be there..

lenoirkl86 said...

I hope frankie wins and does exactly what they thought he would do by putting up derek and cody....its not too late to shake this game up

Anonymous said...


I'm almost positive that Derrick would be the renom unless he worked some more magic perhaps using the fake Victoria fight saying she might vote him out and force Caleb to be the tiebreaker. But I still think it'd be Derrick since Cody just went up last week and has been up before that while Derrick has never been up. But that's why I don't want that to happen as I want Derrick to keep his streak alive. Although Victoria winning would still be much more preferable than Frankie obviously. But who are we kidding Victoria is never winning any comp.

Judging by the 1st time they played this comp it seems pretty clear either Frankie or Derrick will win so I'm rooting hard for Derrick. I'd definitely settle for Cody if he somehow won as he definitely wouldn't use it. I would be a little worried about Caleb winning it that he might have 2nd thoughts and change his own noms. So I'd rather him not win although I'd take it over Frankie any day.



I want to play high stakes poker with Caleb.

lmcniven said...

Did I hear this correctly? The DR told Derrick that if he and Frankie (TA) make it to F2 they will EACH get an EXTRA $50k?! That's ridiculous.

Pro: Frankie would NEVER go after Derrick if that were the case.

Con: EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. Frankie needs to go and not be rewarded for his insane, dramatic, self-absorbed, delusional ways.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree! And we have a long wait today since that face morph comp must be played at night on the West Coast. As an added bonus it would certainly be nice if just 1 twist this season in "the most twisted summer ever" worked well as designed. Since as long as Frankie doesn't win POV he should almost certainly go from HOH to evicted due to the Rewind twist. If Frankie does win POV then we will ultimately be getting the same thing we would've without the twist with Victoria leaving. Except it'll be even worse now because Frankie will be able to play in F4 HOH when he wouldn't have before the twist.


Melissa S. said...

@kayla Neal -
I blew soda out of my nose on that one!! Lol!!!

Mitchell Davis said...

So if Frankie goes home, it will be on the taped eviction, and not the live one...thats a huge let down for anyone like me, hoping to hear the boos

Kern's Kreations said...

Sooooo my twitter feed is blowing up with talk that CBS has just announced an extra $50k to TA if they (or just one) makes it to final 2. What can you confirm about this Jamie? Brian?

If this is truth, than I'm really upset. This would be last minute rigging at its finest.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Christine Deppen said...

I thought for SURE that you would have a photo of the mask that Caleb was wearing with the pantyliners taped to the sides. It was a sight. :)

Rafael Pebble said...

Victoria for the veto win! Let's have some drama. I'm not even sure she would use it on herself:-) She would want to protect Derrick.

Razldazlrr said...

oh yea - please don't let it be frankie winning - derrick was pretty close to him last time - right?

BB Bopper said...

@Craig Marshall

I'd love to watch that poker game! The only thing is that it would be over too quick.

Caleb, Caleb, Caleb you're just not the brightest crayon in the box are you?

Anonymous said...


I think Derrick was like 23 secs or so slower


Tony Akinremi said...

Caleb would be the worst Poker Player ever.

Talk about the dullest color in the crayon box.
A few floors short of the penthouse.
A sandwich and some sides short of a picnic.
All best describes Caleb. Not America Favorite Player.

David Morrow said...

^^^Just another description of Caleb... A few French fries short of a Happy Meal.

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