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Friday, September 12, 2014

Team America: $50k Bonus for 1st Place

Good afternoon, BB addicts! The Veto Comp has still yet to be played, that will happen sometime tonight. (They're currently building the comp outside.) But something happened a little bit ago that I must report.

People are twitter are going nuts over this convo. It appears that if either (not both!) Derrick or Frankie win BB16, they (the 1st place winner) will get a $50,000 bonus for being in Team America. Fans think that they have to both be Final 2 in order to get it, but that is not true. (Read the last part of the convo where Derrick explains it better.)

1:29pm BBT:
Frankie walks into the bathroom to talk to Derrick.

Derrick: "It's unbelievable."
Frankie: "They love us."
Derrick: "Doesn't change anything..still gotta get there.
Frankie: "Even more so than ever. They've seen how hard we've worked.."
Derrick: "Because (America) chose that. We gotta get there, though. More pressure. Doesn't change anything, we still gotta get there. But, we can do it. And if we get there together, we guarantee one of us gets $550,000.

Frankie: "It's the biggest thing to happen in the history of Big Brother."
Derrick: "And this is in addition to the money we've already won."

Derrick mentions it'd be a total around $575,000 total for the bonus + the money they've already won doing T.A. missions all summer. Frankie's face says it all...
Derrick: "It's mind-boggling. But we gotta get there."
Frankie: "Today's an important day."
Derrick: "Starts today. Starts tonight. One of us has to win the veto."
Frankie: "Oh my God."
Derrick: "But if Cody wins it, he's gonna keep the noms the same. He's not gonna pull a fast one and put me next to you. Not gonna happen."
Frankie: "No."
Derrick: "Caleb, same thing."

Frankie: "Well, Caleb has to go next week. There's no option."
Derrick: "Yea. I agree wholeheartedly. I think he's a great kid, I just don't think he can beat his defense, he wants the money and he knows he can't beat you."
Frankie: "I don't know why he knows that, but.."

Derrick: "If you win (veto) today, Caleb's jaw is gonna drop. He's gonna f*cking lose it. I don't think he wants you out this week. Doesn't matter though, because I'm not gonna flip. Cody's not gonna flip." (*Umm come again!?)

1:35pm BBT:

Derrick: "If he says 'get Frankie out', well I have information that he doesn't have; an extra $50k. There's only 1 option, 1 way that guarantees that one of us to win $550,000; we both have to be there. It's a no brainer. Because, if I knick you off and I'm there (F2), nobody might get it. Not happening. We have to beat 3 people. I think we can do it."

**So it seems that they don't have to take each other to the end, Derrick just wants to take Frankie to the end to ensure one of them wins it (or at least that's what he's telling Frankie he "wants" him to be F2 with him so one of them gets it.) The confusing part of this is trying to figure out where Derrick's head at. I'll let his actions talk for him.

UPDATED @ 3:17pm BBT:
Big Brother producer has confirmed with former BB houseguest Shelly Moore that indeed both Frankie/Derrick do NOT have to be together in F2 in order to get $50k bonus. (Just one them.)

Stay tuned...
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Annabelle14 said...

So wait, now we're keeping Frakie? Was this done by production to keep him there knowing he was going home??!!

lmcniven said...

So my next question is what happens if Frankie goes to jury this week? Do we honestly think he would vote for Derrick if he makes it to F2 knowing he would be getting an extra $50k that he didn't?

laura said...

EXACTLY what I was thinking :(

Kim @ TiesThatBindQuilting said...

I don't think they're keeping Frankie unless they have to (because he wins veto and saves himself).

Derrick is just trying to cover himself in case Frankie (who has won a lot of comps, including winning this on already) doesn't go home this week.

Kern's Kreations said...

My gut reaction is that this is crappy craptastic interference crap at its crappiest. Even if they don't both have to be there, to only mention this now, and not earlier in the game when say Joey or uhhh Donny were around is crap. If this was indeed a ploy to keep D from flipping on and getting out Frankie, then I'm going to have to blow a gasket. Furthermore, for production to let-on to them that we "love" them and that America actually voted for this is crap as well.
I'm interested in other thoughts. Maybe someone can talk me off the ledge right now? :D
ps, Did I mention this crap?

Ellyson said...

Me too, I feel like this is a ploy to keep Frankie :/

Jessy Mulligan said...

I think it's in Derricks best interest to keep Frankie.. I know the rest of them are idiots but with Frankie in the house he continues to be the target and Derrick stays off the hot seat.. Keeping Frankie in his good books ensures Frankie will not put Derrick on the block.. really its smart game play in my eyes

Stephanie Kitchens said...


It's complete crap.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

You are absolutely right. It is full of crap. Blatant interference. (**Head on desk-banging**.)

Alea Marie said...


Karen Mason said...

Crap crappie crappier crappiest!!!!

maur said...

So, KK, I'm getting the sneaky suspicion you think this is crap.
Well I have to agree. Does production make this crap up as they go along. Seems so amateur.

Jason Taylor said...

Is this confirmed by Big Brother? Is it possible Derrick made this up and lied to Frankie about getting TA news just as an extra safety net reason for Frankie not to go after him? Seems odd that Julie wouldn't have mentioned this on one of the shows if America chose it (per Derrick, unless that is just speculation). The twitter reply just says "This is not true." Does that mean none of it is true or that its not true that they both have to make it?

Brandy said...

Maybe, hopefully derrick is just saying that so if Frankie wins veto and derrick goes up Frankie will keep him for surd instead of flipping and keeping Victoria.

Anonymous said...

Allison Grodner strikes again... Making up rules as she goes along for her pets. Like they haven't gotten am advantage already? Especially Frankie. If she wanted to do something, she should have let America vote * give theme 50 k or a CBS tee shirt. If Frankie doesn't get evicted this week, he deserves to win. The only thing to redeem the season would he for Frankie to get booed and maybe for a second realize people dont love him

The Real Sports Line said...

Did these houseguest check their brain cells at the door! They need to stick to the plan and get Frankie out!!!!! They should not have been told about the bonus I agree its a crappy move on productions part.

Anonymous said...


I agree this is total BS to just tell them about this extra $50K now. And they still haven't even told us yet and I'm curious to see how they do that. To be fair though Joey was evicted before there even was a TA as it was just her so I wouldn't concern her in this.

I also don't think they said anything about America voted on this so they must love them. It's just that America has voted on everything else concerning TA so they're just assuming America must've voted on this too. And they're lucky we didn't or they probably would've lost $50K instead of gain it.

I'm not going to get myself too worked up over this right now as I don't think this will change Derrick's feelings about Frankie. I still think he wants him out ASAP and is still just covering himself in case that P never comes to fruition and Frankie keeps winning comps. Derrick wants to win the game and he can care less if that $50K has potential to go to waste if they're not sitting next to each other. I think he knows full well that $50K won't be going to waste if he's sitting next to anyone but Frankie as he would almost certainly win over the other 3.

I wish Derrick would do some cam talking to let us know what he's really thinking though. But as of now I'm going to try to look at the positive aspect of this. I think it does increase the chances that if the worst happens and Frankie keeps winning that he will take Derrick with him. And then hopefully Derrick smokes him and he gets the $550K and Frankie gets the $50K when he probably could've won the game vs anyone else. So in that respect this could actually hurt Frankie.


fanofally said...

Did you notice the response from BB? All they said was "That is not correct". I don't think this is something BB did. I think it's Derrick completely. I think Derrick is telling Frankie that they need to go together in order to get the $50,000, so if something happens where Derrick gets put on the block Frankie won't vote for him to go. Also if Frankie does go then he'll think that Derrick isn't going to get the money because Frankie isn't there beside him so he will still vote for him in the end. Just an idea. Derrick is brilliant.

BB Bopper said...

Man if Derrick just made this up to ensure that if Frankie wins and he goes up as the renom that Frankie will have $50k reasons not to vote him out he is a genius! Except if Frankie starts asking questions about it in DR....then it might bite him in the a**

Angela said...

My guess is that Derrick is just telling Frankie what he wants to hear and still planning to give him the boot. If Frankie wins POV, Derricks covered. If they don't have to be f2 to get the bonus, what would be the point of D changing his & everyone's mind and wanting to keep him?

Jamie said...

exactly. i just posted this on twitter.

Derrick threw Caleb under the bus to Frankie by saying they have to go after him next week (if Frankie lost veto). This keeps Derrick in good graces with Frankie and painted a new target on Caleb..thus leaving Derrick safe for another week.

If Frankie doesn't win veto, he's a goner.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Derrick made this up. Many thought the same thing that Donny made up the choose your own mission task and were obviously wrong. It's too easy for the other to go check for themselves in the DR.


Kern's Kreations said...

Thanks buddy. I'm off the ledge. For. Now. hahaha

I agree, it would be too easy for Fr to go to DR and check this story out so I DO NOT think that D made it up. However, that said, if by some crazy reason D did make this up and Fr buys it w/o confirming then I bow down to him. That would be an epic move.

Is it time for BB17 yet? :=)


Anonymous said...

Also from going back and reviewing the convo again Frankie was actually told about it before Derrick. There was no breaking of the news from Derrick to Frankie. Frankie had his DR before Derrick and when he came out you could tell that something happened in there and he said oh my god. Then when Derrick got called he said to himself get your ass up Derrick. Which now obviously is because he knew what they were going to tell him so he wanted him to hurry up and get in there so they could talk about it. And when Derrick got out of the DR as soon as they were alone they hugged and both just started discussing it.


Jessy Mulligan said...

Lets face it Derrick is all about the money.. he has always went after the money!!!.. used his family as the excuse so in my opinion he will want to keep Frankie around to better his odds this way Frankie remains in the house and being the biggest target.. Derrick sails through without a worry.. Derrick is playing this game smart.
Keeping Frankie is in his best interest

Lauren Sisco said...

Definitely crap, who loves them? I don't remember seeing a vote for this. Was there one? And that should have been stated in the beginning like the bonuses that I believe existed with Americas player and the saboteur. Please get Frankie out. Not a big Derick fan either but at least he isn't a complete douche, just a little douchey, but he did at least play a good game. There is no one to root for really, I like Cody but he hasn't played hard enough for a win and kaleb is clueless.

daryl42 said...

Looks like the fix is in. No bueno

Anonymous said...


If Derrick's all about the money it's not in his best interest to keep Frankie if he thinks he's his toughest competition to win the game though. Plus it also depends on what happens with this POV. At this point they've gone way too far down the path of getting rid of Frankie this week for him to get the others off of it without exposing himself and putting himself at risk with everyone else not named Frankie.

More so than the money Derrick has mostly played this game about safety as strongly evidenced by the fact that he's never even been on the block. Each week he gets the whole house to agree to get rid of 1 person so that they're all a united front together except for that 1 person who's leaving and thus can't come after him. Derrick is not going to risk his relationship with the other 3 to save Frankie. So I still think Frankie's only hope this week is to win POV.


Ashley said...

I wouldn't think Derrick would want to risk having to compete with Frankie in the F2 since they are the two hardest to beat. I would think it would be more advantageous to win the $500,000 rather than risk the additional $50,000 by having Frankie sitting in F2 with him. Conversely, Frankie should also think it would be best to take $500,000 than take Derrick to the end with him.

On the other hand, I can understand that it would be easier for either of them to stay in the game if either thought the other had his back.

I tend to think Derrick is just covering himself in case Frankie wins veto so wants him to think that he's safe. On the other hand, I think Frankie probably feels like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders.


Tony Akinremi said...

This has confuse me more. Sound like Derrick is playing some angles here to make sure he's in F2 and he has Frankie vote if Frankie gets voted out. If that doesn't happen then Frankie has to take Derrick but Frankie smart enough to check this out with production. See if that's better for his game.

I'm irked here that production has never explained this to America. I thought they did the missions and got rewarded and that all comes to them at the end of BB. It didn't matter if they made it to F2 now that seem otherwise. Seem like somebody has to be F2 before anybody gets the money even Donny. Ugh!

IMO said...

Typical BB ploy to sway the game into having Frankie stay in the game so that his pop star sister will show up for the finale

Ashley said...

It sure looks like this was a little twist by production to try to keep Frankie in the game to F2. That's probably what production was hoping for but not likely that Derrick would risk being F2 with Frankie just for an additional $50K.


Lala said...

It totally disappoints me as a FAN of BB that production is interferring so much in the game... it seems to me that they are "leaking" info to the houseguests in the DR about the game/schedule/upcoming comps in order to steer the game in a direction "they" (production) wants it to go...

I'm going to say this... Frankie "fits" the only "demographic" that has NOT WON BB yet... and I truly think THAT is why production is taking a hand in the game...

WHY didn't JULIE reveal the $50,000 BONUS for TA when the whole TA concept was outlined??? Seems like it was a last minute add on... and I personally don't think it was an element when it looked like FRANKIE could end up in the final 2...

I think that it should be REVEALED at the finale about the extra payout... so the other HG know whats up...

This has been a DISAPPOINTING SEASON of BB...

Anonymous said...


I'm not sure what "demographic" you're referring to about Frankie but if it's what I assume it is, that he's gay, then that's not true. Andy Herren who just won BB15 last year is also gay. So BB has already had a gay winner.

Now if the demographic you're referring to is self-entitled, delusional older brother of a current pop princess than you would be correct. Frankie would be the 1st to fill that "demographic".


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