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Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday: Update Post

Happy Monday, guys & gals! :D These past few days have been boring on the live feeds. Victoria seems to have went from crying about Derrick not taking her to the Final 2, to now trying to convince Derrick and Cody to take her to the Final 2. Her argument is that as long as they sat next to her in F2, they'd win. Derrick and Cody have told her multiple times that other HG's have said that if she goes to Final 2, they're voting for her (which is true), so her argument is invalid. I give props to Victoria for actually trying though.

Funny flashback feeds moment of the day:
6:11pm BBT:

After Cody is done goofing around by screaming lines from the movie Titanic ("Is there anybody out there?"), he spots a bird in the backyard..

Cody: "Oooo look at the hawk! I mean uhh..crow! Oooo!!! Victoria, watch yourself, girl! It's comin' for ya. He's comin' for ya! And he's pretty big! Pretty big!"

Victoria smiles at him.

The HG's have been doing a lot of lounging, sleeping, eating and Der/Cody shooting pool the past few days. I suspect tomorrow will be more of the same, minus the pool games between the boys due to the backyard going on lockdown until after the finale starting tomorrow.

1 more day to go until Finale Day (Weds) and then this season will be over! Oh, and for those of you asking about when your live feeds passes will end/canceling your subscription, there is no need to cancel. I found this helpful article on that explains everything: Do I Need to Cancel My Subscription? Hope that helps!

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See y'all tomorrow with another update post! :D

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

Funny moment last night around quarter after 1am. Derrick and Cody were discussing this past season of Survivor, particularly Tony and Woo. Derrick said that people thought that Woo made a huge mistake in taking Tony to the end. Cody said “I knew Tony. I hated Tony”. Derrick explained that Woo was loyal to Tony and wanted to beat the best. Cody then said “Tony lied the entire time about being a cop. Couldn’t stand that guy”. Derrick said yes and told Cody that the only reason that he liked Tony was because he was a hustler. Cody mentioned that his dad is obsessed with Survivor. Derrick questioned what Cody’s dad thought about Tony, though Cody said that he could not remember.


Angela said...

I saw that too!! I cannot WAIT until the big reveal! I think I remember D saying he was gonna spill the beans in his final speech, right?? I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...


I think Derrick revealing that in his speech can only be a negative at this point. So I hope he keeps it under wraps until all the votes are in.


Susie said...

I will keep checking Jamie but if you find out when Donny will be on Bold & Beautiful let us know, thanks for all your hard work.

Angela said...

Because the jury will be mad about the betrayal...... Got it

Razldazlrr said...

Right - I can't imagine Derrick would say he's a cop until the winner is crowned. (and Woo was a fool for taking Tony - betting he regrets that "loyalty"now!)

Jessica said...

I agree with Brian. Derrick has got to wait until all of the house guests vote. I can't wait to see everyone's reaction. Has there been any BB players in the past that were able to keep such a big personal secret until the end? Also, who else went to the end without ever being on the block?

Melissa S. said...

Ok, why oh why would any juror vote for Victoria if she was in the final two? Are they that bitter, or just stupid?

Angela Anderson said...

Oh Lord, I wonder how Cody will act when he finds out then. lol, that's just too funny!

and ironic!

Anonymous said...


Only 1 other HG has done what Derrick has done thus far and make it to F3 without ever being nominated and that's Danielle Reyes in BB3. She did not win the Final HOH so she was technically then on the block at that point when Lisa chose to take her to F2. So if Derrick wins this Final HOH he will best that by never being in 1 of those 2 chairs at all. He will also hopefully win the game unlike Danielle who lost since in those days everyone went home and got to watch the show and everyone was mad about what she said in her DRs. Which is the reason we've had the Jury House ever since.

In a way though you can easily say Derrick has already blown that record out of the water. In BB3 there were 10 weeks of nominations before F3. While in BB15 there were 15 weeks of nomination before F3 and in 8 of those weeks there were 4 HGs nominated instead of just 2. So I feel pretty secure in saying that it's extremely unlikely we will ever see anything approaching what Derrick has done this year again in the future. And that would be whether he wins the Final HOH or not but I'm certainly rooting hard for him to do so just to put that enormous cherry on top.


The Real Sports Line said...

The jury members who get to vote may not vote based on strictly game play. They may let their emotions decide or they may have formed an alliance in the jury house to vote as a since they may well be bored and over being in the jury house I feel certain people ie Caleb and Frankie will have the most to say at the finale. We will see tomorrow! Jamie a big THANK YOU for keeping us informed and all your hard work you have the best BB blog ever!

Jamie said...

awww! Thank you for the love!! <3 :D

Laura's Music Blog said...

Have you ever noticed how Derrick repeats himself a really bugs me... He will say things like, "One hundred percent, hundred percent!" Or "you crushed it dude, just crushed it!". I still love him though and am happy he will win!

Angela said...

Just to be clear, I wasn't saying I thought D should spill the beans during his speech, I was repeating what D himself had said he was going to do at one point.

Gross said...

What's the big deal with him being a cop? Lol.

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