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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Funday Update Post

Happy Sunday Funday, y'all!! :D Just a quickie post to remind you guys & gals that there is no BB16 episode tonight. The only episode left is the finale this Wednesday.

In other news, it looks like Derrick isn't allowed to tell Victoria that he's not taking her to the Final 2 if she wins Part 3 on Wednesday. Victoria has been driving him crazy with her crying, being snippy, and having repetitive conversations about how she thought they were going to Final 2 together all this time. So Derrick went and asked to talk to the producers (there was a mic leak in the D.R.) and when he came out, he told Cody that he's not allowed to tell her. He tried to think of how others in his situation in past BB's handled this. (Britney, Keesha, etc.) He's kinda ticked off that instead of spending his last few days relaxing in the house, he has to deal with Victoria's constant questions. He's tried to be subtle about it by saying in round-about ways that he's not taking her, but she doesn't seem to get it.

As of 4:51pm BBT, Derrick/Cody/Victoria are taking pics in the photo booth together.
I'll be back tomorrow with a new update post! Until then, have a great Sunday Funday!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Tony Akinremi said...

She gets it she's just feels if she guilts Derrick into taking her to F2. So what's her tactic with the jury guilt them to give her the win. Yeah that'll work!

Razldazlrr said...

Interesting they won't let Derrick tell her. I guess they want to make it look like there's a question over who takes who for the tv show, like when Julie pretends there is drama for the live show evictions.

I saw somewhere that the three of them were talking about what a great cast and season it was this year. (if you are a fan of the show, how could you possibly think that?)

Brian - I'm curious how you think the votes are going to fall.

Anonymous said...


If I had to say right now how the Jury will vote based on the last I've seen and heard from all of them I'd guess:

Hayden: Derrick
Zach: Derrick
Donny: Derrick
Nicole: Derrick
Christine: Derrick
Frankie: Derrick
Caleb: Cody
Victoria: Derrick

I have no real read on Jocasta as they didn't really feature any game talk from her in Jury House which goes in line with her time in the BB House I guess. However as you can see at the moment I don't think it'll much matter. I suppose if you put a gun to my head I'd put her down for Derrick too just because that's who I have Donny, Hayden and Nicole voting for.

However before that Jury House footage I would've thought differently. And it's been a couple weeks and a couple new additions with new info to potentially change the dynamics. So things could've changed since then. But hopefully haven't much.


Fawn Moyer said...

Victoria Is the nastiest eater I've ever watched /heard. It's been many tvgn"s now. With her smacking "manners".

shhhhhh... said...

You don't think christine will vote for cody?????


I wouldn't want to eat with a microphone next to my mouth.

This F3 is much better than last year. Remember how vile Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer were in their comments about their fellow HG and their families? I'm happy that this year we have nice people who like each other and can joke around without all that bile that was spewed out last year.

Paul Mahaney said...

I love your blog and love your commitment to BB.
But please, make it clear somewhere outside of comments, that a monthly subscription will be charged for another month after the finale if the subscriber doesn't cancel. I.e., if their charge date is after the finale and before the feeds go dark (no rewinding) they will be charged again.
It happened to me last year. I was charged another $9.95 4 days after the finale! Luckily I had canceled the day before so they refunded it....but they will charge again!

Joni said...

I guess my question is if Derrick wanted a "sure thing" win... why would he NOT take Victoria. He doesn't really know how the others would vote with him or Cody. Cody has won comps and Victoria has really won nothing. I think if he's really playing for his family and a sure thing.. Why not take her?

Anonymous said...


Christine is 1 of the bigger fans of the show that was in this cast. As such I believe she will vote based on gameplay. And from the little bit of Jury House footage they showed she seemed to realize what an unbelievable game Derrick had played. And if she has any bitter feelings they would more so be at Cody since he was the 1 closest to her and was playing her just the same as the rest.

Also I feel that the loud boos upon her exit and the ribbing she took upon her entrance to the Jury House about her relationship with Cody could play a factor in her vote. I'd imagine she's put 2 and 2 together and figured out that was the vast majority of the reason. So I think she very may well want to prove a point to the rest of the HGs and all of America including her husband that there was absolutely nothing more going on between herself and Cody other than gameplay. And I think she'll feel as if voting against Cody would be a big 1st step in doing so.


Tony Akinremi said...

I don't think it will be hard for Derrick to convince the jury he deserves to win BB. Derrick is pretty much liked by everyone on the jury. When the jury said that Derrick and Frankie ran thing in the house that says it all. Kid Cody has a lot to learn from Derrick.

HurlyBurly said...

My guesses on jury votes:
Christine: Cody
Victoria: Derrick
Frankie: Derrick
Zach: Derrick
Caleb: Derrick
Donny: Cody
Jocasta: Cody
Hayden: Derrick
Nicole: Derrick

Razldazlrr said...

I wonder how the audience would have reacted when Frankie was ousted if it wasn't a CBS group! I bet the crowd wasn't allowed to boo.

Anonymous said...

I think he did tell her or at least he strongly strongly implied it because the small parts of BBAD I saw , she's known and its obvious he's taking Cody and vice versa. After an entire season of house votes where everyone told everyone who was being nominated etc, now they decide to enforce a rule. I don't think any viewer is under the illusion that Victoria is winning the game. I still think Derrick is a lock - Frankie & Donny will probably work for their TA teammate; Victoria will too - and Nicole already said she hates Cody - Hayden will follow (and we saw in the jury clip, that he thought D was playing a great game)> GAME OVER.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Oh good grief!! Me too!! I don't know how many times I've had to mute the TV to keep from hearing her smack on all the food she eats. And she considers herself a princess?! Gross!

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