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Friday, September 12, 2014

Veto Comp Results + Aftermath

Good evening, BB addicts! The live feeds switched off for the Veto Comp at 6:42pm BBT! As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the results below & the aftermath. (Last week, the feeds were off for 2 hrs, but I suspect they won't be off for that long this time since they've already played this Veto Comp last week.)

Winner of the Veto Comp is:

Derrick confirmed with Victoria that they are getting Frankie out this week!

9:03pm BBT:
Rock Bedroom
Cody: "Oh my God, dude!"
Caleb: "Call the family, let'em know what's up." (*re: being Final 3, Victoria is a non-factor for them.)

Caleb said that everyone's time smoked their old times from last week. 

Caleb: "I guaranteed us Final 4, you guaranteed us Final 3."
Cody's time was 2 mins & 21 secs. (*WOW!!!!)

9:08pm BBT:
Frankie: "Hey Julie, can we have another f*ckin' button? Just shows ya how this game can flip! I can't even win Veto's I've already won."
Derrick: "In your defense, it was a different kind of comp" (*different pics.)

**EDIT: The HG's had a clock that counted down to the best current time and if they didn't beat it, they didn't finish. 

Frankie is complaining that Victoria came really close to beating him. lol
EDIT: Sounds like she actually did beat him!! Oh my!!!

Frankie goes and jumps on Cody in the Fire Bedroom.
Frankie: "Please! I'll do anything!"
They talk about the comp a little more.
Frankie: "I know you and Derrick have my back. RIGHT?!?!" (*Nope!)

***Well folks...Frankie is a GONER this week!!! Cody hates Frankie more than anybody in that house, he most definitely will not use it. lol It's a wrap.  I'll be back tomorrow with an update post! See y'all then!! :D

Derrick/Cody are talking about when to tell Frankie he's getting evicted. Caleb wants to tell him tonight, but they're not sure when to tell him.

Derrick thinks they (Cody/Derrick) just got Final 2 because they can get Caleb out next week (he can't play for HOH) and then go to the end with Victoria for Final 3 (Vic/Cody/Derrick)...which, let's face it, means Final 2 for Der/Cody. lol

Stay tuned...
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Ashley said...

So, so excited!


Kern's Kreations said...

Tonight we won BB because #AnyoneButFrankie hit #1 in the US trends.
And because #AnyoneButFrankie actually won this sucka!
Now don't be stupid Cody. Keep him up and get him out!

Karen Mason said...

So....does this mean frakenstein is leaving??!!!

DeniseG said...

I was obsessively updating this page! Awesome that Cody won, but Frankie doesn't seem worried at all! Does he think he's safe or just sucking up to everyone?

Amy said...

This season is such a snooze fest. I've gotten angry before watching other seasons, never said I would stop watching and I won't now either but this season is sooo boring! Geez as far as I know Victoria should win this whole thing... *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...


I believe what Derrick meant by different kind of comp was it sounded like they had the top time up there when they went out to do the comp and I guess it counted down so if you didn't beat it you didn't even get to finish. And it sounded like Cody must've went 1st cause everyone was very psyched out and demoralized when they went out there and saw 2:21 as the time they had to beat.


amy kingsmore said...

VICTORIA beat Frankie!!! I'm so very happy!!!

vickie warrick said...

No fair!!!he kept his promise to make the guys FINAL FOUR!!! :-) n DUMBASS DERRICK) is not gonna let that happen cuz hes fuckin around w/ DUMBASS VICTORIA) feel sorry for DERRICKS WIFE,,,,,I WANT DERRICK THE CHEATER TO BE EVICTED,,,,SO WE CAN HEAR HIS BOOOOOOSSSSSS.....SAVE FRANKIE!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :

Jennifer Hulst said...

They should send Victoria home first. At least Frankie played the game.

Tony Akinremi said...

Yeah! Yeah! Bye bye Frankiestein!

Anonymous said...

I love how despite the fact that 2 weeks in a row they've got rid of 1 of their own in Christine and Frankie to keep Victoria to guarantee themselves another week further it doesn't even cross Caleb's mind that it might be him next week. Especially when he can't even play in HOH and only has POV to secure his safety.


sheenabug said...

If frankie thought someone had his back he would have been gotten them out just like christine.hes a follower. Derrick is clearly faithful and obviously annoyed by victoria..its called jury vote

southernmade said...

The philosophy of "Frankie deserves final 4 more because he has played the game" is the exact reason he should be evicted! Frankie is a competitor and this is a competition for $500k! Yes I dislike Frankie and will be thrilled to see him go, but from a game perspective it's very smart to get out the guy who has won 9 comps this season! Otherwise he would likely win more comps and they would be leaving! I love Derrick and hopes he wins but I will applaud them if they get him out because it would be the best interest of their game! No one has a shot at winning next to Derrick in f2. He already has the 5(Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Jocasta, and Zach) votes he needs to win! If he were to send Victoria to jury before f2 it would further secure his win! It amazes me how dumb these other guys are to think that Derrick isn't deserving of f2, and that he'd have no chance at winning! If they don't get him out they'll be shocked at finale

MirrG said...

Derrick is loyal - to Cody and Victoria. How many detonators/bomb squad members has he gotten out now? Why would anyone believe he was loyal to those alliances anymore!!??! Lol He picked Cody from the get go. Everyone else was just a pawn.

Rachel said...

Soooooo happy Frankie the polished turd is going!!!!!! I do think Vic needs to be nxt. She has NOT done shit this entire game and does NOT deserve to be there any longer or win 50k. She's the ultimate floater and loser. I can't stand her annoying voice and she seems like a stuck up C-NT. Her Fam has money and so does she. She does not need it.

Cody doesn't deserve 50k either. I think Caleb has worked hard to land 2nd place.

I rather have Donny taking the half a mil buuuuuut TA F'd him over sooooo

Can't wait for the boo's when Frank turd is evicted!! That's all I care about since the rest of the house is ehhh. Boring ass season. I was done after Nicole left. I'm ready for nxt season maybe I'll try out again.

Christina said...

FINALLY!! Something to look forward to :)

Anonymous said...

Blindside him.
Now for the cherry on top, please boo Frankie when he leaves so he gets the message... At least dont cheer him. Julie will get her fake Over-the-door top compliment. And Derrick still on no one's radar and has F2 with everyone else. F could do damage I'd he were bitter # tell them @ TA

Anonymous said...

Ironic Frankie wanted to press the button more than anyone & he's going from hoh/veto to eviction. You can tell he's freaking inside as he's jibbering. F looks in mirror more than Victoria & all the kardashian combined. So annoying. V may end up with 50K. And Derrick now as Dade as he can be if F doesnt blow his game up. Cody/Caleb will never talk to figure it out. F stop with the fisting & anal bleeding comments. Now how long before Caleb again says or does something he shouldn't. Now F being faker than ever... Hugging Cody etc... Throw up

Brock Ventura said...

Frankie back off. If Cody were a girl, I call BB harassment suite. Seriously, dude, stop.

~*Jen*~ said...

Me too! It's been the longest day EVER. Lol.

BB Bopper said...

What does everybody think of these HG's always wanting to tell the person they're going to evict ahead of time that they're being evicted? It always
seems like a bad idea to me, am I the only one that thinks so?

Matthew Sezemebu said...

Caleb is a "we'll cross that bidge when we get there" kind of guy.
He's confident in his ability to win comps & really the PoV IS the only thing that matters at this point, so him not being able to play in the HoH is meh.

Is he in the dark about what's going on? Yeesh, oh boy does it seem so.

But he really has no cause for worry until he doesn't win this next veto.

Jessy Mulligan said...

If anyone thinks Derrick is serious about final two with Cody your stupid... why else would he say bring Vic to final three? Duh so he maybe win and take her.. I knew that if Frankie didn't win that he gone.. Lets be honest he should have won both again and didn't.. I cant believe how many people are happy that he's leaving.. I probably wont watch anymore but hope a floater wins meaning Vic or Cody.. cause that would make Derrick over think everything later and realize that.. you should actually bring someone worthy to the end. Thats how you gain respect from the Jury I am betting Frankie holds nothing back when he goes back to talk to everyone and in the end it makes Derrick look the worse ontop of all the rest of the mixed emotions they all have.. Derrick might have control but he is not as good as Dr. Will as Dr. Will went to the finals against someone who deserved to be there.. If they brought Dr.Will and Evel Dick back in the same season that would be bomb..

Jessy Mulligan said...

I agree 100%.. I don't blame them for being scared of Frankie but he's been faithful to them.. he faught for his own life so many times.
Frankie should have switched boats.. teamed up with Nicole, Hayden, Donny and later Zach.. took out Caleb who never had his back and Cody who just dislike and let Nicole take out Derrick.. now that would have been awesome to see

Jessy Mulligan said...

Derrick has played an amazing game.. He is not fucking around with Vic.. Give him props for being able to take her this far and the guys not wondering.. I do think they should take Frankie but the dude is a beast they have a chance to get him out they should.. I just hate that its like all floaters at the end with one master mind.. I am proud of Derrick and I am not his wife.. imagine how proud she is.. they aren't messin around and nothing is there to even hint it.. if he couldn't be faithful I dont think he would go on TV and risk losing his family.. Clearly his child means everything to him!!..

The Real Sports Line said...

I expect an academy award performance from Frankie when he does find out he is being evicted!He has played a great game I don't think when he exits the audience will boo him.


So glad Frankie is going home this week. I hope it's final 3 for Derrick, Cody, and Victoria, with Derrick and Victoria the F2. Derrick can say to the jury, "Not only did I make it here, but look who I brought all the way to final 2!".

I hope vicki up there is just being sarcastic, that doesn't look healthy!

That Slingshot Life said...

Calm your self

Kaski444 said...

Woooohooo here is to Derrick n Cody in final two. And saying bye bye to Frankie. Can't wait to see Frankie walked out the door. Wonder if he will get booed hmmm

Ashley said...

I'm confused. If Cody went first and his time was up there, and if the next player didn't beat Cody's time, they were done? So, if they were done when they didn't beat Cody's time of 2:21, how would they know how long it took anyone else in order to compare the other's times?

I honestly can't believe that Cody would even consider voting for Frankie. He will definitely make up his own mind without Derrick being in his ear. Go Cody!!

The only way I can see any chance of Frankie staying would be if Derrick started thinking it was best for Frankie to stay (so TA had a chance at another $50,000) and convinced Caleb. If that were to happen and Cody voted for Frankie to go, Derrick for Vic, and then Caleb would be the deciding vote.

While I don't see that happening, anything is possible. I just don't think Derrick would ever go that route.

Frankie throwing himself on Cody on the bed...yuk!! Does he think he's a cuddly bear or something? Who wants anyone, friend or not, jumping on top of you?

I don't believe for a second that Frankie believes he is safe. He may hope so but he would be silly to relax about it. This is getting to the end and no matter how loyal people may have been, it is now time to start getting rid of who you believe is your own biggest threat. No one can fault anyone at this stage for not keeping their word. Every one in that house knows this is how it is played.

So tired of hearing Frankie muttering that Caleb cares more about money than loyalty? Is he for real?



@ Ashley, Frankie doesn't have to stay around for Derrick to win the TA $50K. The deal is if the winner of the game happens to be a member of TA he (Derrick OR Frankie) wins the extra dough. Right now it looks like only Derrick has a chance of winning that money.

Mitchell Davis said...

Frankie's temper tantrum the other night about going up was great. That can now be used as to why they will evict, even tho it was originally the plan to get him out anyway.

shhhhhh... said...

True frankie did play the game and is very strategic. But this is big brother not the life is fair house. If so frankie would not have been on team america or would he have championed to have his best friend in the house sent to jury. Kudos to frankie for playing a GREAT game....kudos to the rest of the detonators for getting the biggest threat out of the house.

shhhhhh... said...

Omg Vickie have you been watching this season??? Frankie having victoria voted out when he was hoh was his only choice ...he would have gotten cody out if he could but knew the other guys controlled the votes. Loyalty....ha....did you forget about zack. Derrick is doing nothing inappropriate with victoria.

shhhhhh... said...

this week is finally going to get a little exciting when frankie walks out. I really hope they show the jury reaction the following week. Frankie did play a great game....I think if he was evicted right after the victoria comment thing there would be more of a negative reception but time has chilled everyone out a bit and I think people realize he does deserve some props for playing a commendable game to this point.

Ashley said...

Yeeeeees!!! So excited!!! Goodbye and good riddence Frankie!!

Anonymous said...


They are judging how everyone else did by how far they got before Cody's time to beat expired. I believe Derrick was working on solving the last 1, Caleb may have just gotten to the last 1, Victoria either did 3 or got to 3 and Frankie was 1 morph behind that. Obviously that's an inexact way to tell because maybe someone who was ahead of you at the time could've gotten stuck on solving 1 of the later morphs but it's all they have to go on.

Also there seems to be some confusion by you and many others still due to the initial inaccurate reports and criticisms. But if a TA member wins BB they get they extra $50K regardless of who they beat. They don't both have to be in the F2. So this has no bearing on Frankie staying. Frankie was trying to use it as such since he was at risk saying if they weren't both in F2 that extra money could potentially go to no one. But Derrick doesn't care what happens with that $50K if it isn't going to him. He couldn't care less if that money went to Frankie or stayed with CBS if he isn't winning it. And being in F2 with Frankie would probably be his worst odds at winning so he has to go regardless.

I believe you are correct as well that deep down Frankie has to know he's being evicted this week. I mean he's going to act up beat and like he fully trusts it's full speed ahead to the F4 with the guys until they tell him it's not happening. He really doesn't have much choice because if they're going to take the shot they're going to take it regardless. And in the slim chance they weren't he could only drive them to do it by acting paranoid and continually questioning their loyalty.


Anonymous said...


To be fair since Frankie also won POV he could've used it to take Victoria off the block and replace her with either Derrick or Caleb which would've forced 1 of the guys to be evicted. However I think the threat of what pushing the button could bring kept a big move like that from even being a consideration. Also Frankie was riding so high at that point winning comps he may have cockily thought he could just keep beating those other 3 guys and didn't need to keep the weaker Victoria.


Jessy Mulligan said...

True though with the whole Zach thing... Zach mentioned every week we need to get Frankie out.. he has to go.. soo I guess its just the game and how you roll with the punches.. it's just maddening how this season played out.. Maybe I am just mad that I dont like anyone in the finals so I am being abit bitter

Jessy Mulligan said...

If he wins next week and Cody has to put up Derrick in his place.. it would be Epic for him to give Derrick the boot

Ashley said...

@ Brian and Craig:
I did understand that only one TA had to win BB to get the extra $50K. I was actually thinking IF Derrick "initially" thought Frankie might help him get further that he might have better odds. I don't believe that that would have been the case anyway because Derrick would still have a better chance having Cody or Victoria there to help him than he would Frankie.

Thanks, Brian, for explaining the comp. I haven't had a chance to watch last night's live feeds yet.


Lindsay said...

Can someone PLEASE tell me why they're even going to TELL Frankie?! Why not let him find out at eviction?!

Anonymous said...


Caleb wanted to blindside Frankie. In fact he wanted them to split the vote so that he could personally give a speech and evict him. However Derrick and especially Cody felt Frankie deserved more respect than that from them after what a key cog in their alliance he was with all the comps he won to help them get where they are.


Tony Akinremi said...

Brian we know they couldn't chance that Caleb would chicken out or believe some lie from Frankie. They have the votes to evicted him.
What's the Nike slogan "Just Do It"

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